Runi Dog star bog CMD

Runi Dog star bog CMD


Runi—A Visionary kisser 

Runi, the disciplined family princess, who likes to keep her paws well oiled and socked is an unfaltering blend of discipline and disturbances! From her partner’s neck-side to her car’s front seat, she’s always been seated like a visionary, but with wet-kisses! So, let’s take a peak into her everyday catch-ups. 


How dramatic was your paw-at-first-sight

Oh Runi! My sweet, yet destructive furball of doom. It wasn’t a coincidence but a matter of luck that we got our Hum Aapke Hain Kon breed Pomeranian, some local hype and a lot of snuggling love. 

Well, the paw-story dates back to my peer partners welcoming a pet and soon after, looking to return or relocate the baby paws somewhere else. Runi did rent our family house for some hugs and cuddles, but soon it was time we evacuated her to a friend promising healthy canine infrastructure!

Who knew where the pup had to end up? After a suspicious amount of time, we discovered some tragic and unhygienic conditions my white-fur was kept in. Me and my mum rushed to rescue our newly found ball of happiness! Escorted by my mother, she ran in excitement about all the attention she was garnering, barking in high-key and kicked with her left leg. My mother, a die-heart football fan recognized her favorite player Rooney in that kick-ass champion and that’s where, we became a family of one dog and three passionately in-love with her, humans! My mother is still nostalgic about the first time she got her jumping and rolling herself down to her belly. 

Can you reflect on your journey with her

Growing together through thick and thin, I’ve always found my baby crumbling into a furball to my bedtime, ditching her cushy comfy Mr. Woof dog, I specially ordered from It’s been 12 years now, and the tradition continues. Finally at the age of 30, I’ve counted myself in with my millennial friends, raising a child. My mewling child, however, is a four-legged canine who receives coos of public adoration from everybody. Since the day we brought her in, she’s been joyous, hyperactive and truly therapeutic. 

Her favorite toys please

Well at 9 months of tender age she accredited herself with crushing my smartphones! We had to trash out 3 mobiles after she delighted herself with a rigorous taste of them. Her childhood was majorly dominated with lizard toys and other Cuddle My Dog playtime buddies including Aly-The Gator and Garry-The Giraffe by Barkbutler.

Surely, her food habits must be something unexpected! Care to share? 

Well, my fluffy beauty has always preferred home-cooked, vegan food. Yeah! That’s true! Catering to her nutritional requirements and of course what she enjoys the most needed my time, knowledge and commitment. I ordered RAWR REX Freeze Dried  Chicken, Carrot & Greens delicacies from Cuddle My Dog. With least preservatives, zero additives, human-grade ingredients and a mouthwatering taste, I’ve always found her tummy, the right and reliable gourmet essentials. Once a month, it’s my home-cooking day for her. I trust RAWR4dogs brand, I order ingredients from, for its wholesome, organic, and variegated items. Just another Sunday, I spent a whole morning, preparing a giant batch of dog food—filled with excellent quality quinoa, rice, and lots of nutritious vegetables. Well, she enjoyed it thoroughly.  

What about veg and non-veg choices? How do you manage? 

My family is vegetarian, and I like being the bearer of good news, so this is a fun conversation for me. I mostly emphasize on vegan diets, sometimes eggs are allowed entry, but as tricky as it sounds, I’ve fetched outstanding results with homemade vegan diets, and 100% Vegetarian Adult Dry Food from Drools. 

I believe the right balance of different plant-based sources of protein (e.g., beans, corn, soy and whole grains) provides the needed amino acids. Hence, I always strike a balance between a vegetarian and an eggetarian diet.

Is she a picky eater at all? Unleash the secrets! 

Well, well, well, my rasping little furball isn’t at all a picky eater. It’s me surprisingly who feeds her from different categories like treats, ready to eat, fresh meals and freeze-dried food so she acquires a diversified taste and explores more. However, her priorities of canned-food over dried ones really narrowed down my options, until I discovered infinite varieties at Cuddle My Dog with Kennel Kitchen’s Gourmet Loaf Variety Pack. 

How transformed is the girl of yours after months of grooming, loving and spoiling?

Well, talking about her self-hygiene, I’ve to say, I’m impressed! Unlike those Instagram reels showing nasty dogs, my baby is very well organized and trained. She’ll never poop in the house! She’d scratch the door every time she gets a nature’s call. Besides, her eating schedule is far more on-time than I could remember mine was. She eats and sleeps punctually. Each Sunday, we take her to grooming-bathing-trimming session. At the clinic she not only mingles with her occasional paw-peers, but also invites them in our house and shares her toys. 

However, she is very domesticated. It’s been 12 years, my family and I have never travelled without her. We love spoiling her more often than she does it herself. She is my dad’s first daughter and our constant dose of happiness. 

Care to list the hygiene and skin routine products (or brands) you generally prefer to use? We’d love to listen those trial and failure stories from you!

In the first seven months as a pet parent, I spent over INR 21000 on necessities like premium grain-free dog food, multiple travel and at-home crates, an exercise pen, leashes, harnesses, replacement dog beds (because puppies destroy everything if given the chance), and puppy training pads, in addition to more frivolous purchases, like stuffed toys, chews and treats.

Ever since she hated visiting clinics and jumped to bite on strange touches, I began grooming and combing her myself for a while. I’d apply paw-cream before she’d withdraw for outdoor playing, and use a fresh towel to clean her paws after she returned exhausted. For much of these, I depended upon Cuddle My Dog and Papa Pawsome’s Soft Paws 100% Natural Paw Cream, as lately a local oil made her allergic, and so I turned up to a vet each time applying a new product on her. 

Had any memorable trips, outings or rides with your dog?  

Unlike me, my sister planned on her wedding and as we traveled from Mumbai to Delhi, she accompanied and supervised me on the front seat of my car with occasional snuggles and snores. Her excitement for family celebrations, especially the cake-shake time is on the clouds. Her sparkling eyes, wagging tail and forever drooling face wins my heart and makes her the best travel companion ever. Not to mention the adorable pictures we got with her. They’re to be treasured for life.”


Share your memory-loaded moments with her that you’ll take to your grave

Runi, my naughty princess with exotic deep black eyes. She would harass me so I harassed her back. I teased her, “I love your tail and I want one too”. Runi loves baked potato and hounds me as soon as she smells it. I share, of course. One afternoon, she’s sitting in front of me backwards, waiting. “Runi” Proowwwwlllll, she says. “Do you want some Baked Potato?” Proowwwllll yes. “I’ll give you my baked potato if you give me your tail.” And she looked at me and I could see the comprehension take over her, My tail? I love potato but I can’t give up my tail and I felt so bad I instantly reassured her, “No you don’t need to give up your tail”. The look on her face! :p 


Can you remember those paw-portant ways, your pup brings a happy change in your life everyday?  

Trailing back the memory lane, my childhood was mostly spent watching shows like Punky Brewster, hence lending me the love for cradling puppies. I daydreamed relishing my time as couch-potatoes with my puppy and giving her bathes, where she’d hysterically blow-off her water splashing it all on me. But my dad soon broke the bubble. Guess, in a non-pet-friendly apartment, you’ve to replace puppy dreams with an aquarium of self-occupied fishes. 

It was when we rescued Runi, being 6 weeks old, she still held me emotionally so well. Her behavior signaled, she was quite premature and sizeably, needed winter jackets so tiny, that no pet shops would sell. My mother, then brought a breakthrough with her sewing machine and soon the inheritor of our property had colorful pawdrobe picks and bandanas to choose and wear. Later we began ordering readymade picks from Fofos on CuddlemyDog. Her tiny body rolled around my neck. 

But the size was no comparison to her intelligence! Animal’s comprehension and intellect is very much underestimated. Every time I’m low key, she instantly took notice and comforted me (though with way more wetting). It’s a lot tough to stay sad around her jumps and kisses. She protects me, and I need her. 

Does your pup have an exquisite dressing style

Well, I’d say Internet has taken the concept of dressing our four paws way ahead with designer dresses. Brands like Flexi and Kutkut on CuddlemyDog offer slacks, raincoats, eyewear, leash, headwear, footwear, and every imaginable item. There is doggie casual wear, for hanging around on the beach, doggie formal wear for those special black-tie occasions and even doggie wedding gowns and tuxedos for the wedding of a doggie’s dreams! 

However my princess follows a minimalistic fashion sense. She’s very conscious about her paws and prioritizes cladding them with Trixie socks. Except for saying Nay! Nay! To dirty-paws, she runs paranoid in almost any other kind of heavy dressing or muzzles! 

Describe your bond with your pup and if you can, we’d love to hear you mimicking of how your dog must be feeling about you all this while! 

The word “love” is tossed around a lot when it comes to the dog-human relationship. What we don’t talk a lot about is the “bond” between the dog and the pet parent. Love usually develop the natural way, but the bond takes time and attention to grow. You might love your in-laws, but no one beats the bond you share with your best friend! 

Even while traveling, I’d miss her trying to find her touches on a video-chat screen. While getting her glimpses or saying hello over the airways makes me feel better, I probably can’t help but ask myself: “Does she even know that it’s me?” 

Little hints of confusion, little bits of understanding, a bond is what defines the fundamentals for dog-human relationships. 


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