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I am dog Parent

Want to make your dog a star? Dont know, where to start? We jump in and provide the hands, feet, brains and everything else you need to get it off your plate, off your mind and done right.

We are here to make your little Star’s Journey Pawfect

You know your pooch is a star material but does the world know? Our team of marketing, branding and influencer experts will work closely with you to help create that pawfect niche for your pet and make them shine like they are meant to.

I am a Dog Parent

Feel the dog love. We love these cuddly-cuddly bundles of joy and make sure they leave their oh, so cute paw marks all over with us as their agency. Your little star deserves the best and with us on the team it’s bound to be a howling success I

Dog Brand Development

Have the potential and want your four-legged friend create their own unique brand, we’re right up there with brand experts, story creators, content mavericks to give your pooch that punch. Reach us to know more.

Dog Brand Management

From content to positioning, partnerships with brands to viral ideas, platform selection to help shooting videos our Dog Brand Management partnership for your pet creates new opportunities for them to become the leader of the pack.

Brand Partnerships

Innovation is what drives us in creating innovative brand partnerships with bark and bite for our little friend. We keep the spotlight on them through engaging, unique content distributed through multiple platforms. Benefitting brands and project pooch power.

Agency Representation

We don’t just take on representation, we’re emotionally invested in seeing your dog scale new heights. We use our network to create marketing and monetization opportunities at every turn - content, products, brand partnerships… to make the fur fly!

Dog Content Sales

What good is great content you and your pet have created if it is not seen, celebrated and creates the right amount of woof? That’s why our results-driven sales team chases opportunities to bring monetisation to your pup brand.

Marketing Campaigns

Why let your pawsome influencerget up the hard way when integrating it with a strategic marketing campaign can increase visibility, gain followers, increase engagement and create that Bhow factor for it. With us, there are no limits to the possibilities of exciting growth.

Press Opportunities

Press Opportunities are a great way to leverage your furry baby’s brand. With our rich network and relationships we ensure that your pooch gets the best possible coverage across relevant online & offline events, be it dog shows, brand launches or influencer campaigns.

Fashion Shoot

That certain celebrity dog look does not come easy. Your pooch needs that professional touch with a specialist fashion photographer. We have it covered. From styling to accessories. Thematic elements to colour tone our team will enable Dogworthy clicks.

Endorsement Deals

Your dog stands for many pawsome things, brands love that. The right brand will match up the personality of your star and explore endorsement of the right kind. We enable the perfect match up. Carefully matching your pet with a brand that share the same values.


Your pet is a show stopper. People line up to seem them online and also offline. We curate, create and manage special appearances in tune with the niche your dog represents, monetizing their popularity the right way, every time.

Lets get your brand go viral Connect As A Brand Connect as A Influencer