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Rapid Reach

To Millions of genuine, interested and engaged Dog Parents with purchasing power

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Our specially created Dog Brand Solutions help you add more bark to your offerings, ensuring you getting a bigger bite of sales.

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Cuddle My Dog also hosts a digital dog magazine with PR Opportunities for Seller Brands.

How to sell your products on Cuddle my dog?

Become a Cuddle my dog seller

Create an account and list your products on Cuddle My Dog. To set up your account input Your GST/PAN information and Bank Account details. Woof, you're in business!

Catch Cool Customers

Your products are seen by our highly engaged customers - from all across India and soon the world. They place orders. You feel pawsome. Need to reach more? Advertise for greater visibility.

Deliver with Dogfidence

We will take care of it all... delivery, returns, storage and packaging. So, that you do what you do best... creating products that our precious pooches love.

Get Paid Pawromptly

You sell and every 15 days the money from your completed sales - after deducting our fees - will be deposited in your linked Bank Account. These also include pay for delivery orders.


Why sellers choose Cuddle my dog

Rapper maddy


Cuddle My Dog is a great platform for someone like our business. Suddenly we have nationwide reach and visibility -from big metropolitan cities and small towns. Dog lovers are everywhere and now we can reach them.

Amy jackson


Ease of doing business is what I love about Cuddle My Dog. I focus on my product, they take care of the rest. Every 15 days the payment comes to the bank. It's fully automated, no need to follow up!

Rush Twins

Fashion Influencer

Thank you! Cuddle My Dog for strategic handholding, for better shoots to great product descriptions that work. With you on our side, my brand is well taken care of while I focus on product development.

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