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We are here to make your and your dog’s social media journey more exciting. Pairing you and your four legged love with the right brands,maximising your engagement as a pair and helping you increase your visibility and your followers. Let’s shake paws on that!

With Us You Can

Maximise your reach

You Are Good Alone. Now It’s Time To Be Great Together. We Will Work With You And Your Dog To Develop A Custom Strategy To Widen Your Reach As Pair. With Our Strategic Inputs Your Profile Will Gain More Followers And Your Engagement Rate With Become Woof-Worthy!

Bond With Brands

Brands Know The Power Of Pets And Pet Parents Together. They Want To Associate With You Both As Pair For A Win-Win Partnership. We Make It Happen. You Do Your Thing - Creating Those Great Videos And Posts And We Make Sure That You Get The Right Attention From The Right People.

Be A Top Dog

.We Know It’s Is A Crowded Field And It May Be Difficult To Stand Out At Times. Worry Not. Helping Paws Are At Hand. We Can Guide And Support You And Your Dog With Content Creation, Strategy Or Even Tonality To Increase Followers And Virality Across Platforms.

Dunk in the Dogecoins

As Your Brand Relationships Grow So Does Your Earning Inflow. At Cuddle My Dog, Our Aim Is Simple, Create Great Value For Brands, Pets And Petfluencers. More Dogecoins To All.

All For One , One For All

Our Petfluencers

Rapper Maddy

One Media is a great platform for someone like me. I not only found brands that resonated with me but also a great team that guided me in my Influencer journey


Amy Jackson

"It is an interesting and structured way that they approach the brand storytelling brief, makes life simple for content creators like us to take the leap and still be relevant.


Rush Twins

To me, the special access to events and the networking with celebrity influencers I have always admired makes this extra special. It's fun doing what you love and being paid for it

Fashion Influencer

Maximise Earnings, Live The Petfluencer Life