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Andis USA Firm Slicker Brush, Lime Green

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Product description

Eliminates tangle and matting. Reduces Shedding upto 90%. Fluffs up and beautifies coat. Removes dead hair from undercoat & topcoat. Ideal for all dog breeds.

Self-cleaning button removes hair from the brush. It’s fast and easy. Reduces shedding upto 90%. Stimulates sking and hair follicles. Helps spread natural oils throughout the coat. Ideal for dogs with medium to long coats

  • Eliminates tangles and matting
  • Reduces shedding up to 90-Percent
  • Removes dead hair from undercoat and topcoat
  • Anti-slip, easy grip handle for safe and comfortable grooming
  • Stimulates hair follicles to promote growth and healthier hair
  • Ideal for small to large dogs
  • Body Material: Polymer
  • Finish: White/Green


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Country Of Origin - USA

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Andis USA Firm Slicker Brush, Lime Green