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Nefrotec Tabs

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Product description

As an antilithic, the Himalaya Nfrotech DS Vet supplement helps to break down bladder stones and prevents them from re-forming. As a diuretic, it helps to remove excess fluid from your pet's body and flush out toxins. Thanks to its antiseptic properties, it is able to help prevent urinary tract infections as well.

Product type: Antilithic, Diuretic and Urinary Antiseptic
Suitable for dogs and cats
Key ingredients include leaves of Shilapushpa and rhizome of Pasanabheda
prevents and manages recurring UTI
Kidney Stones
Non-specific Uretheritis and cystitis
Check with a vet before giving your pet a supplement (ep. with regard to dosage)
Please check for possible allergens

Can be fed orally, mixed with food or as directed by vet

Small breed dogs - 1 tablet twice daily

Large breed dogs - 2 tablets twice daily

Cats - 1 Tablet once daily
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Nefrotec Tabs

Rs. 150.00